FJ Wieselburg
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The BLT Wieselburg at the Federal Institute of Education and Research Francisco Josephinum is engaged in research and testing in the fields of agricultural engineering and process engineering as well as in biomass and renewable energy. The BLT is an accredited testing center (for heating boilers for solid biofuels, tractors, laboratory analytics and more) as well as an approved OECD testing station for tractors used in agriculture and forestry. R&D projects are carried out in collaboration with the JR, or Josephinum Research, a partial capacity legal entity founded to manage such research projects. BLT members of staff are nationally and internationally recognized experts and work in testing, standardization and seminars for professional education. The BLT guarantees independent consulting service and drafts expert opinions and comments on laws and regulations. Efficient knowledge transfer is accomplished thanks to close connection with education taking place at Francisco Josephinum.