FJ Wieselburg


Innovations for the rural area for more than 60 years


Year of foundation as Federal Test and Research Institute (BVPA) for agricultural machines and equipment

1947 bis 1949
Years of building up and establishment

1950 bis 1959
The technical revolution in the countryside and the expansion of the Federal Institute

1960 bis 1969
Focusing on ergonomics and safety and the first graduates in the field of agricultural engineering

1970 bis 1979
Driver seats and safety structures as well as energy and environment become the new focal points of the BLT

1980 bis 1995
The BVPA is renamed Federal Institute for Agricultural Engineering BLT, testing of machines and boilers, start of research projects focusing on biodiesel

1995 bis 2004
Research for efficient use of renewable raw materials, mountain farming and EC projects

Merger with Francisco Josephinum and renaming into „Higher Federal Education and Research Center”

Foundation of Josephinum Research and establishment of the competence center „Future Farm Technology (FFT)“

Set up of the isotope laboratory