FJ Wieselburg

A centre of learning, competence and culture

Our key tasks: education and training

  • We provide a comprehensive education as well as a high-level specialized training in the areas of agriculture, agricultural engineering, food technology and biotechnology. Therefore we require from everyone his personal commitment and dedication. We do so with firmness but an appropriate sense of proportion.
  • Nevertheless education with the aim of promoting your personal development involves a holistic approach and does not stop outside the school gates or during break time. We also try to convey cultural and social competence basing on Christian values.
  • Education as we perceive it does not only consist of rules but lives from the active cooperation of each participant. Besides it is also a reflection of the community at school. We try to commit personal confidence and credibility in all our decisions and actions. Therefore we constantly review the quality of our tasks and responsibilities for our further development.


A good climate for a rich harvest

  • Just like in agriculture a good atmosphere between our employees, teachers and pupils is a crucial point in our school. A favorable working climate plays an essential role giving each pupil the opportunity for individual development, education and personal growth.
  • We prefer team-working with well-defined areas of responsibilities and tasks. We try to do that in a humorous way with respectful relations with our pupils. Openness, honesty and our personal availability to communicate are traditional measures to overcome conflicts in a positive manner.
  • We try to create optimal conditions to facilitate personnel development of each pupil and teacher.

A centre of competence and culture in Wieselburg

  • We try to integrate new developments and to promote sensitivity for responding to any changes. A continuous process of education is a matter of course for us. It is our mission to take up and reflect socially relevant topics and to trust in proven solutions.
  • We put great emphasis on keeping and deepening our international relationships with a special focus on our Eastern neighbour countries.
  • We want to be a focal point in our region for building up relationships at a technical, personal, and cultural level.
  • It is our aim to be a reliable and competent partner on an educational and regional level as well as in our area of business. Therefore we constantly promote our external relations.