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Our main tasks include the following activities:


Research and development

The emphasis is placed on the development of new and innovative foodstuff and food ingredients, optimization of manufacturing processes, and testing of new technologies, raw materials and auxiliary ingredients. For this purpose a modern pilot plant with the latest equipment is available for our customers (research & development).

(Research and development).


Seminars and workshops

The following training priorities will be offered:

  • technological workshops for managers, specialists, teachers, member of chambers etc.
  • basic and special seminars for direct marketers of dairy products
  • sensory evaluation seminars relating to different product groups
  • trainings referring to milking machines and milk collecting tankers
    The transfer of knowledge does not only take place by theoretical lectures but is also demonstrated by practical exercises like (Seminars and workshops)


Test of milking machines and milk collection tankers

In the area of milk tankers technology tests for automatic sampling systems are carried out. For milk farmers trainings according to planning and installation of milking equipment are hold (Testing of milking machines and collection tankers).


Sensory evaluation and rheology

A well trained testing panel is available for sensorial assessments according to standardized and generally accepted testing procedures. Furthermore this basic and specified knowledge for evaluating different products is passed on in various seminars (Sensory testing and rheology)

Especially our modern rotation viscometer enables to analyze and comment on rheological parameters of samples sent in by customers (like for the construction and calculation of heaters, bottling plants, storage stability …).



The experts of the LMTZ are pleased to consult you on every aspect with regard to the following topics (Consulting):

  • food technology
  • direct marketing of milk products and hygiene
  • sensory assessment
  • food law
  • dairy equipment
  • cleaning and disinfection