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Our building - best equipped with small plants - is available to each customer who is interested in creating his own product. Many food products that are already on the market now have been successfully developed at this place and prove the competence of its employees.

The product range does not only include dairy products but increasingly also other products like confectionary, delicacies, non-dairy drinks, etc.




We assure our clients absolute discretion by individual confidentiality agreements.

By documenting all testing procedures a complete reproducibility of each stage of development can be guaranteed.

Individual services of a contractual order could be: product samples in required quantity, proposals of technology and formulas, durability tests, supplementary analyses, on-site pilot tests, consulting regarding to food regulations, declaration and packaging.

We offer contracts for processing fruits to juices, cider, distillates, vinegar and also manufacturing contracts for liquors.


Possible variants of contractual orders are:


Commission orders:

  • production and processing of food or basic substances to the individual wishes of our customers (e.g. drying of special types of milk, flavorings…) or
  • provision of equipment and personnel (technology specified by the customer)


Product developments:

  • production of samples with the help of traditional or newly developed technologies, additives… (proposals relating to technologies will be possible with or without the induction of the customer´s wishes)



Your contact persons:
Eduard Hauß
DI Martin Rogenhofer