FJ Wieselburg

Agricultural practical training

Head of Practical Training:
DI Peter Moser
Tel.: +43 7416 52437 0
Mail: peter.moser(at)


Agricultural practical training

The agricultural practical training plays a major role in our specialized education.

This practical training is performed on the site of the agricultural experimental stations of Rottenhaus (Landwirtschaftliche Bundesversuchswirtschaften GmbH Rottenhaus) and in specialized agricultural enterprises in the surroundings of Wieselburg.

The agricultural premises Rottenhaus of BVW GmbH are located about 3 km away from the school site. In the modern large-scale agricultural enterprise with an agricultural and forestry area of ca. 500 ha our pupils have the possibility to get in close contact with the proceedings of agriculture, dairy farming and forestry.

The practical training relating to pig-rearing systems takes place in a special competence centre for piggery in Gießhübl (located near to Amstetten) and in pig husbandries.

Furthermore these specialized enterprises cover all the areas of sheep farming, poultry keeping systems and the keeping of horses as well as organic farming and different practical experiences with regard to plant production.
The practical training takes place at in-house workshops and in the FTZ (Centre for Production Technology).

The agricultural machine industrial and trading enterprises are generously providing the newest demonstration models. Therefore we are available to present the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Content of teaching (3rd school year):

  • Agricultural practical training which mainly takes place in the agricultural experimental stations in BVW Rottenhaus