FJ Wieselburg

Department of Agriculture


Head of Department
DI Martin Kerschbaumer
Tel.: +43 7416 52437 126
Mail: martin.kerschbaumer(at)

The Department of Agriculture is the oldest and therefore most tradition-steeped department of the school. In addition to the five-year basic education the school also offers an advanced training course for three years for students that have already finalized the 3-year agricultural college.

Occupational fields and studies after passing the matriculation and diploma certificate:

  • agricultural and forestry firms and enterprises
  • consulting enterprises and special interest groups (e.g. Chambers)
  • cooperatives and associations
  • administration and controlling authorities (e.g. AMA)
  • up- and downstream sectors of agriculture
  • studies at universities and colleges

It is also possible to specialize autonomously in the fields of animal husbandry or plant production.