FJ Wieselburg

Admission procedure

We are pleased that you are interested to enroll at our school.

Please observe the following admission procedures!

Your application for admission must be submitted to us no later than the 2nd Friday after the semester break!

Here you will find detailed instructions to enroll at our school:

  • Please request the application form (including the questionnaire for parents) per email, phone or in writing.
  • Please send your complete application back no later than the 2nd  Friday after the semester break including the
    - original of the latest school certificate (usually the 8th school grade), and
    - a copy of the latest school certificate, and
    - a curriculum (using the registration form or your own form)
  • The applications will be ranked according to the latest school performances.
  • You will be notified of the allocation of a school place by the 7th Monday after the semester break.
  • The allocation of the school place is binding. A reserved school place may only be rejected due to special reasons.

Admission examination:

- An admission exam will only be necessary for pupils attending the second ability group of lower secondary schools if they have not reached the mark “Good” in the main subjects German, English or Mathematics and for all students attending the third ability group.
- The admission examination will take place on Monday or Tuesday respectively during the last school week.