FJ Wieselburg

Final examination

Written part:

  • German  (written examination for 5 hours)
  • Economics or English (written examination for 5 hours)
  • Project work for 28 hours in a working week consisting of max. 4 subject-specific theoretical studies including the laboratory work


  • The project work may also be counted as a separate diploma thesis when starting the 4th school year.


Oral part:

  • English or economics (in reverse to the written test!)
  • Compulsory elective subject relating to general education:
  • Religion or German or History and Political Education or a Second Foreign Language or Applied Mathematics
  • Two compulsory elective subjects of the following special fields:
  • Farm Animal Husbandry, plant production, agricultural engineering and construction


  • Scientific symposium consisting of one of the following combination of subjects:
    Farm Animal Husbandry – Agricultural Engineering and Construction;
    Agricultural Engineering and Construction – Plant Production;
    Plant Production – Farm Animal Husbandry.