FJ Wieselburg

Teachers' band

The so-called „FJ-Teachers´ band” – a top-class wind ensemble – was founded in autumn 2004 by one of our teachers DI Manfred Nolz.


Many teachers of the Francisco Josephinum are excellent musicians and are able to play several musical instruments.

Thus it was only logical to combine their talents and to found an own teachers´ ensemble.


The band is appearing on stage at school celebrations like the Christmas party, jubilees and other festivities. The teachers´ band also surrounds smaller festivities outside of the Josephinum, the annual meeting of former members of the Josephinum during the Wieselburg fair or the annual New Year reception of the alumni association.


Furthermore the band takes part in festivities of the Austrian Lebensministerium (Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management) and of other schools and towns. All our musicians do that on a voluntary basis. The emphasis is put on enjoying the music.