FJ Wieselburg

Friends' association

Beside of other associations there is also the so-called „Förderverein Francisco Josephinum” (Friends’ association), a promotional foundation which has been existing since 1982 in order to support our pupils.

Members of the Board

Ing. Gerwich Riautschnig
Deputy: DI Johann Barthofer, Mag. Monika Dörfler-Wetchy
Treasurer: DI Andreas Hiesberger; DI Erich Ziegelwanger
Secretary: Mag. Verena Holzmann; DI Georg Pernkopf

Financing of the Association

We offer financial supports for pupils that have been raised from membership fees and by placing the copiers at the pupils´ disposal. 

Services of the Association

    • Financial supports for the pupils for all kinds of school events. Any application or request for financial support shall be made in writing to the Association.
    • Sponsoring of cultural and professional school events (theatre plays, operas, cabarets, concerts, excursions, training firms, etc.)
    • Support of musical events (big band, brass music band) by buying the instruments and music notes.
    • Financial participation with regard to projects focusing on the students