Test bench for biomass boilers

  • Accredited test bench for testing of biomass boilers according to EN 303-5

  • Comprehensive measuring equipment for determining relevant parameters in accordance with the requirements of EN 303-5, EN 304 and EN 267 for biomass fboilers and solid biofuels (logs, wood chips, pellets, ...):

    - Thermal power measurements / efficiency determinations / electrical power consumption,..

    - Emission measurements for CO, CO2, O2, OGC, NOx, total dust measurement, particles (measuring principles: NDIR, CLD, FID, paramagnetic, gravimetric, low-pressure impactor with electrical detector, ..)

    - Characterization of particle emissions by size (ELPI)

    - Creation of test reports, confirmations at national and international level


Ing. Harald Baumgartner BLT: Biogene Rohstoffe - Heizkesselprüfung
Rottenhauser Straße 1
3250 Wieselburg