Digitization has massively changed the way we work in private and professional environments. Working without a computer, smartphone and permanent internet access is hardly imaginable. This increases the possibilities for better and faster communication, for up-to-date information and for a more extensive database.

Important is the benefit: Better operational decisions can be made for investments or administration and applications can be simplified.

The central point of digitization is that data are linked. Digitization can thus bring benefits both at the operational level and in administration. In 2017, the platform "Digitization in Agriculture" was founded on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture. The aim of the platform is to recognize the opportunities and possibilities of new technologies in agriculture and, based on this, to derive a need for action and measures. For this purpose, recommendations for action and strategic solutions were developed. The platform also serves as an digital information hub (DIH) for current developments and the networking of actors. Participants in the platform are primarily experts and representatives of administrative bodies, scientific institutions, as well as various organizations and interested groups.


In November 2018, a report on “Digitization in Agriculture” was published by the platform. The status of development in various fields, such as arable and animal farming, administration, business, education, etc., is described, and the challenges, opportunities, risks and the need for action as well