Testing of tractors and agricultural machinery

The testing of tractors and agricultural machinery has been a central area of ​​responsibility since the BLT was founded:

  • Testing of tractors including engine performance, fuel consumption, emissions, noise level, lifting force, hydraulic performance and tractive power as an OECD approved test center for tractors
  • Safety and load tests on protective structures and vehicle cabins including ROPS, FOPS, OPS, TOPS and seat belt anchoring tests as an accredited test center for protective structures and protective devices (SV)
  • Testing of agricultural and forestry machines and devices as part of comparative tests on the test bench and / or in practice, such as winches, forest crane trailers, yard loaders, round balers


Overview of the range of tests


Measurement and testing technology:


  • vibTest
  • Comparison of characteristics
  • Investigation of trailer braking and damping systems
  • ROPS safety issues
  • Tractor efficiency



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