Alternative weed control in orchards and vineyards with autonomous technologies.


In the project, an autonomous system is being developed with which it is possible to keep the mezzanine area free in orchards and vineyards. For this, a robot platform and a new tool concept will be developed in parallel. The tool concept to be enable several functions, such as mowing or crumbling.


Duration: 05/2019 – 05/2022
Partners: OWT GmbH & Co KG – Obst - Wein - Technik, CFS – Cross Farm Solution, Wein und Obst Klosterneuburg RTD, HBLA Klosterneuburg, AGES, BOKU, Waldland GmbH
Funded by: BMLRT - Federal Ministry of Agriculture Regions and Tourism



Dipl.-Ing. Georg Linsberger JR: Mechatronics
Rottenhauser Straße 1
3250 Wieselburg