The European Testing and Experimentation Facilities for Agri-food Innovation


AgrifoodTEF is a network of test centers in Europe that supports companies & start-ups from the agri-food production sector in product development of AI and robotics solutions.

To foster sustainable and efficient food production AgrifoodTEF empowers innovators with validation tools needed to bridge the gap between their brightest ideas and successful market products. Built as a network of physical and digital facilities across Europe, the project provides services that help assess and validate third party AI and Robotics solutions in real-world conditions aiming to maximise impact from digitalisation of the agricultural sector.This offers companies a unique opportunity to take their product or application idea a decisive step further towards market maturity.

The project partners form a network that meets the heterogeneous conditions in the agricultural and food production sector throughout Europe. The national TEF nodes, as the national consortia are called in the project, offer services that are optimized for the respective fields and territorial needs. In addition to physical testing and validation options, e.g. in the form of field tests or on machine test benches, the range of services also includes virtual services, e.g. testing of algorithms on the basis of various data sets, which can be performed completely remotely and are thus available to customers from all over Europe at any time.


Duration: 01/2023 – 12/2027

In Österreich:

  • Raumberg-Gumpenstein Research & Development
  • FH Wiener Neustadt
Über 20 weitere Partnerinstitutionen aus Italien, Frankreich, Niederlande, Deutschland, Belgien, Polen, Schweden
Fundes by:
  • 50 % durch Mittel des EU Digital Europe Programm
  • 50 % mittels nationaler Ko-Finanzierung durch die FFG


Dr. Peter Riegler-Nurscher Josephinum Research
Rottenhauser Straße 1
3250 Wieselburg