Adaptive Agricultural Processes via Open Interfaces and Linked Services


The goal of the project agriOpenLink is to develop a novel methodology for dynamic modelling and optimization of farming processes, enabled by standardized data interfaces and semantic service technology. The proposed methodology implements dynamic situation detection based on linking data coming from different interoperable sources and flexible process control based on linked semantic services. This methodology shall significantly reduce the time and effort to introduce new agricultural processes involving agricultural machines and users. The results of the project are an open source interface solution to significantly shorten the process of writing an interoperable data acquisition interface for any new device to be integrated within a production process, as well as a tool-box for ICT-support of production processes leveraging semantic-services and semantic models (ontologies). The project will verify the solutions by implementing an exemplary ICT application in a test environment, as well as by conducting a usability study with ICT application developers in a controlled environment.


Duration: 06/2012 – 05/2016
Partner: FTW - Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien
Smartbow GmbH
Institute of Agricultural Engineering - University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna
Funded by: agriOpenLink is funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) under the program "ICT of the Future" between 06/2012 and 05/2016. More information:



Dipl.-Ing. Martin Wischenbart, MSc