Geographic Information Systems for Site-Specific Management aimed at Increasing and Greening in Austrian Agriculture


DThe aim of the project is to disseminate site-specific cultivation methods, in particular the creation and use of yield potential and application maps in agricultural practice, with a special focus on small-scale and heterogeneous farms, which are typical in Austria. In the EIP-Project "GIS-ELA" an app for the use of application maps was created. In the present project, this app is to be further developed and, in particular, a connection to the web portal TerraZo by JR is going to be created. This web portal should be able to call up application maps that are as simple as possible and that have been created with a high degree of automation.


Duration: 08/2021 - 07/2024
Partner: Landwirtschaftskammer Niederösterreich
Fundes by: Regionale Innovationssysteme (RIS) des BMLRT