Innovation Farm

The Innovation Farm is concerned with new technologies, trends and developments and makes them visible, tangible and applicable for the agriculture.


The aim of the innovation farm is to bundle competencies in the field of digitalisation in order to promote sustainable further development of agriculture with the help of new technologies. The job is the field trial, optimisation and imparting of modern, technical developments, products and concepts in livestock farming as well as in arable and grassland farming. The innovation farm has the fundamental goal of working out the benefits of new technical solutions for Austrian agriculture and facilitating access to new developments for farmers, making an important contribution to sustainable agriculture. The interaction between manufacturer and research is intended to evaluate and provide practical solutions for modern agricultural operations. The term Agriculture 4.0 must be made tangible and applicable for users. Opportunities, but also risks, are to be identified, trends are to be analysed and efficient and sustainable management is to be ensured with the existing know-how.

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Duration: 01/2020 – 12/2022
  • Raumberg-Gumpenstein Research & Development
  • Bildungswerkstatt Mold
  • all provincial chambers of agriculture
  • University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
  • Agency for Health and Food Safety
  • Environment Agency
  • Association of Austrian Cattle Breeders
  • ZuchtData EDV-Dienstleistungen GmbH
  • Ländliche Fortbildungsinstitute
  • HBLFA Francisco Josephinum
  • HBLFA Raumberg-Gumpenstein
Funded by:
  • Cluster funding “Digitalisation in agriculture”
  • With the support of the federal government, the federal states and the European Union



Dr. Markus Gansberger BLT: Innovation Farm
Rottenhauser Straße 1
3250 Wieselburg