The HBLFA Francisco Josephinum / BLT Wieselburg is in accordance with the Accreditation Act, Federal Law Gazette No. 28/2012, an accredited test center with the identification number 0112 and its quality management meets the requirements of EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005.

Since 1998 the areas:

  • Protective structures and protective devices (e.g. tractor tops)
  • Furnaces for biogenic fuels
  • Laboratory for biogenic raw materials

checked by the Austrian accreditation at regular intervals. National and international auditors repeatedly testify to the high level of competence of the BLT Wieselburg.



Ing. Mag. Rainer Aichinger BLT: Leiter Qualitätsmanagement & Controlling
Rottenhauser Straße 1
3250 Wieselburg