OECD Tractors

The OECD Tractor Code 2 (available in german only) is the OECD Standard Code for the official testing of Tractor Performance. OECD Code 2 is the test standard for measuring the performance of tractors for agriculture and forestry.

If FJ-BLT Wieselburg is commissioned by the client to carry out an OECD Code 2 test, an OECD test report is also created. The FJ-BLT test report can be approved by the OECD after careful review, receives an OECD approval number and is therefore valid worldwide.



Includes a tractor test according to OECD Code 2:

  • PTO power (engine power as an option)
  • Hydraulic power
  • Lifting force measurements
  • Pulling power and fuel consumption

The results of additional tests can be included in the non-binding part of the test report.

  • Engine emissions
  • Turning circle and track circle
  • Center of gravity of the tractor
  • Brakes Ambient noise



The current OECD Code 2 test reports of the tractors tested at FJ-BLT Wieselburg can be downloaded free of charge as PDF files onto your computer.

Note: Select category "Test reports", full text search "OECD"


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