Short tractor tests

Performance data and characteristic values ​​are determined in accordance with OECD codes. The flexible design of the scope of the test in the course of the tractor test on the respective test object allows the client to meet different requirements. The parameters collected therein are then published and offer farmers and other interested parties confirmation of the performance values ​​specified by the manufacturer and a valuable reference work.


Performance and characteristic values ​​are determined as part of the inspection of tractors at FJ-BLT Wieselburg in the following areas:

  • PTO power (including fuel consumption, optionally with AdBlue consumption)
  • Hydraulic power
  • Lifting force measurements (front and rear)
  • Volume at the driver's ear or operating noise
  • Characteristic values ​​for driving operation such as turning circle, speed or braking values
  • Weighing and measuring

The results of additional tests can be included in the appendix to the test report.



The current technical data sheets for the tractors tested at the BLT can be downloaded free of charge as PDF files onto your computer.

Note: Select Category "Test Reports", Full Text Search "Tractor"


Further information on the tractors tested at the BLT can be obtained from the respective customer (Landwirt Agrarmedien GmbH, top agrar Österreich - available in German only).