Digital Farming

Digitization opens up new approaches for agricultural process engineering. We have extensive knowledge of this and offer a wide range of examination options.

  • Develop, optimize and evaluate agricultural processes with modern methods of digitization and data management

  • Application of innovative precision farming technologies

  • Preparation of technical and economic analyzes of agricultural processes and logistical chains

  • Carrying out short-term and long-term measurements on agricultural machinery and work processes

  • Comprehensive georeferenced field measurement technology
    - Torque, speed and drive power
    - Energy consumption (fuel, electrical energy)
    - Noise emissions (volume)
    - Position, routes and driving dynamics (RTK satellite positioning system)
    - vehicle vibrations
    - Tractive forces between the tractor and the attachment and trailer device
    - Volumes, masses, bulk and storage densities, mass flows
    - Water content of agricultural and forestry products
    - Temperature, humidity, wind speed and global radiation
    - Working time requirement on a time element basis
    - Assessment of the work quality of agricultural machinery using imaging methods (e.g. cutting length of straw material, soil roughness, soil cover, grain sizes, working depth ...)


Measurement and testing technology:



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